According to Ausdroidthe HTC 10 is getting closer and closer to the hands of the Australian public. Rumor has it that on May 3, Australian consumers will need to part with $1080 to buy the HTC 10. You read that right, that’s the best cost estimate we have, $1,080. This price is very similar to the M9 price, which was $1099 dollars when released. It sounds like a lot of money for us Americans, though for the Australian’s it is no surprise. HTC10_slvr-gry-hero

If the retail pricing for the HTC 10 is indeed $1,080, this phone will be approximately $100 less than Samsung’s Galaxy S7, and almost $200 clear of the Galaxy S7 Edge. At this price point, is it worth buying the HTC 1o? Personally, I wouldn’t buy it. I rather personally invest that money on a phone like a iPhone or Galaxy that wont loose it’s value drastically months

Ongoing carrier deals will affect the price. Nothing is official until HTC says so, but look for some news around May 3. What does it mean for you? Start to compare this model to other phones you are looking at in about the same price range. HTC does promise unprecedented performance and features for the new 10. We will update you as more information comes in. Let us know though, would you buy this phone for $1,080?