DISCAIMER: I am a SlickWraps Ambassador, and therefore am affiliated with SlickWraps. This article reflects my honest opinion, but I can’t guarantee that I will be 100% unbiased.

iphone7plus_view2_wood_mapleI’ve always been interested in smartphone skins, but I’ve never actually taken the time to try one out. When I got the opportunity to be a SlickWraps Ambassador, I was pumped! SlickWraps sent me several skins to try, and I’m gonna give you my honest opinion.

Smartphone Skins are Legit

If you’re never tried a skin before, well, you need to. SlickWraps look 100% cooler in person than any online photo or video. I had to truly see it and feel it to believe it. I don’t have a case for my iPad Mini, and the wood skin they sent me has been absolutely extraordinary. They sent me a few skins to check out for my phone, and the application process was super easy! It’s honestly easier to apply than a screen protector, since minor dust particles or bubbles won’t be noticeable. The skin takes a while to “set,” and it actually seemed to stick better after a few hours of letting it sit. Overall, my first impressions are great.

Smartphone Skins Provide Gripgalaxy-s6_view2_marble_4

SlickWraps skins have a great texture, and they definitely will make your phone less slippery. One advisory I need to give is how difficult it is to apply the side pieces. I opted not to put them on my phone, since I use my phone with a case, but I wanted to at least try it to get the full skin experience. It was impossible, even after using a hair dryer, to get the side skin on.

Can I Use SlickWraps In A Case?

SlickWraps skins add texture and grip to your phone, and while they may protect your phone from scratches, they will not protect your phone from a drop. With that said, you may want to use your phone with a case. Here’s what I discovered: SlickWraps skins go well with “slim” type cases, such as Urban Armor Gear or Spigen Clear Hybrid cases. If, however, you want to use a bulky case like an OtterBox Defender, the phone barely fits in the case. After all, though, why would you want to do that? You’d cover up the beauty of the skin!

Who Are Skins For?

If you use your phone naked or in a slim case with a clear back, SlickWraps are for you. If you use a bulky case with your phone, such as an OtterBox Defender, I’d recommend that you not use them. You could also explore other options, such as SlickWraps Cases, but those are “slim” cases too, and won’t offer a ton of protection.


If you’re looking for a way to add grip, texture, and style to your device, SlickWraps is the best way to do that!

Kevin Nether