The G5 is an amazing phone that I’ve made my daily driver! I’ve been using the G5 for 2 weeks, 16 days to be exact. I got it as soon as it came out in Canada, as I was looking for a phone to upgrade to from my trusty Nexus 5. I think we can now jump into the reasons.
NOTE: I will be making a video about this topic on my YouTube channel soon. So be on a lookout!
First off, the G5 has dual cameras if you already didn’t know! This feature is amazing to have and I’m being completely honest. It’s really fun to play with as you can take some breathtaking shots. The main rear camera is 16 megapixels while the wide angle one is 8 megapixels. Now let’s address something, if you’re thinking that 8 megapixels is really nothing then you have to consider the fact that its a 135° wide angle camera. The front “selfie snapper” is 8 megapixels as well! It takes very high-quality detailed selfies and also has a beauty mode if you’re into that sort of thing. The camera also has manual controls which will help you capture the best memories, just the way you want. This is just a shot that I snapped with the wide angle lens and normal rear camera:
(The quality of these pictures is not good at all, as these were taken from inside an apartment)
Some more rear camera samples:
(The first image has been compressed by our server)
Next reason as to why you should buy the G5 is for its performance. The G5 has amazing specs and is blazing fast as expected, as this is a flagship phone featuring Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 820 with dual-core 2.15 GHz and a dual-core 1.6 GHZ chip! The phone also boasts the Adreno 530 GPU which will give you the best gaming experience! The phone doesn’t get that hot, considering that the 820 chip was reported for overheating. While intense games, it gets a bit warm to the touch, and same goes for charging as it also supports Qualcomm’s QuickCharge 3.0 (the box includes the fast charger and a USB Type-C cable)

Thirdly, we have the accessories that LG has designed for this modular phone. Or, the ‘friends’ as LG likes to call them. Right now, there are only 2 modules that are available, but only 1 of them is available in stores in North America. This module is known as the LG Cam+. It provides a grip for your G5 so you can use it in one hand to snap some pictures, just like a DSLR grip. It also has physical buttons like a zoom dial, a two-stage shutter button, a switch to launch the camera and a dedicated button for video recording. The whole modularity thing has its own pros and cons though, so keep that in mind.
Last but not the least, the fingerprint sensor is another reason that can influence your decision. I consider this feature to be really useful as most of the flagships phones today, feature a fingerprint sensor. This is a very useful feature that will keep your phone secure and will not be a hassle. I personally think that it’s faster than the s7 but you guys can correct me if I’m wrong. You don’t have to press down on the button to activate the sensor. You can just place you finger on the sensor and BOOM the phone is unlocked. The setup is very easy and takes less than a minute. LG has done it right in the security department for sure.
Last but not the least, this is a feature that a lot of Android fans like to have. If you haven’t already guessed it, I’m talking about the expandable storage and a removable battery. So if your battery dies, you can just press the little button on the side and separate the bottom portion from the phone. This is also a plus because of the fact that the battery capacity of a phone lowers over the years and you notice the phone dying quickly. In that case, you can order a battery and just replace it yourself instead of paying someone $200 to do it. Annnnnnnnnnnd the good old SD card slot remains!
Those are the reasons why I think you guys should by the LG G5 if you’re looking for a new phone. I personally thought that it looks ugly, I will never buy it, and what’s the point of dual cameras. Yet, after purchasing the phone, I have to admit the fact that I’m in love with it. The design grew on me and it actually doesn’t look bad at all. For the “I will never buy it” part, I was looking to upgrade, and the G5 came at the right time. Finally, those two rear cameras can do wonders if you are willing to dig deeper!
Kevin Nether