GS7E-1Samsung’s current line of flagship phones features 2 models: the Galaxy S7 and the Galaxy S7 Edge. In reviews and press, we hardly hear speak of the S7. All of the hype focuses around the S7 Edge, but is it really practical?

The Edge Is So Cool!

Alright, even I’ll admit. The Edge feature is awesome. Having the screen “spill” over the side is breathtaking – it’s something fresh and new that we’re still getting used to. It’s a new take on phones that other manufacturers are yet to mimic.


Blurring The “Edge”

Here’s my problem with the Galaxy S7 Edge: it’s simply impractical. While the Edge feature is

The Urban Armor Gear case for the Galaxy S7 Edge

pretty to new-comers, and may even remain attractive to the phone owner for the first few months, the actual software benefits aren’t enough to warrant spending an extra $100 on it. On top of that, my main problem with the Edge is protection and looks. In order to properly protect a phone, you should put a case on it. Cases for the Galaxy S7 Edge look like a pure eye sore. In addition to that, it’s extremely hard to find a tempered glass screen protector for the Edge – curved glass is rare, and can you imagine trying to install a glass screen protector on the Edge? I’m not even sure how that would work. In addition, most tempered glass screen protectors for the Edge are either expensive, have poor reviews, or both. Also, one thing I dislike about the edge is how awkward and slippery it is in the hand. Even with a case, the super thin rails on the side make it uncomfortable.

The S7, where you can see the slight curve in the glass.
The S7, where you can see the slight curve in the glass.

There Is Hope: The S7

Dare I say it: I think the regular S7 is better. Yep. I went there. It’s just simpler. I love that it still features a super minimal curve at the edges, but it’s not extreme like on the S7 Edge. I also prefer the 5.1″ screen. While “bigger is better,” you just can’t beat how comfortable a 5.1″ screen is in the hand.

The S7 Isn’t Perfect

The S7 has it’s downsides over the Edge, it’s main thing being battery life. The S7 Edge sports a 3600mAh battery, where the S7 only sports 3000mAh.


While the S7 Edge is pleasing to the eye, I feel that the S7 is more practical for real world use. It works better in the case, and it’s smaller and easier to hold in the hand. Not to mention you save $100 from not buying the Edge.



Kevin Nether