Let’s face it, ATM’s are outdated. I mean, you have to punch mushy, big, old buttons, but most importantly, you have to remember your PIN code! Well, thanks to FIS and Payment Alliance teaming up, you will soon be able to just put your finger on a sensor and access your card fast and easy. The two companies are launching a fleet of modern ATM’s that use Apple’s Touch-ID.

Mobile payments have gone a long way in the last few years, with big companies like Apple, Google, and Samsung offering their own services, but ATM’s have dragged behind a little bit, and that’s what FIS and Payment Alliance are looking to solve.

The FIS Cardless Cash system already allows you to cash out money by just using your iPhone. You can even begin the process remotely before going to an ATM and scanning a QR code to get your money. All this, of course, works with the Touch-ID technology from your iPhone. The company didn’t say if the system will work on Android fingerprint scanners, but it sure is a possibility for the near future.

The two companies announced that 70,000 of these new ATM’s will be enabled in restaurants, malls and gas stations all across the United States as soon as September.

Payment Alliance International is the largest independent operator of non-bank-owned ATMs in the United States, and its partnership with FIS makes NYCE the first national payment network to support mobile phone-to-ATM transactions.

Following this trend are several banks, too. Wells Fargo and Bank of America will soon start supporting Apple Pay withdrawals in all of its machines by the end of the year. It’s just a matter of time for other banks to start going the same route and make ATM’s a quicker, more modern experience.


So what do you think of Touch-ID ATM’s? Do you think a fingerprint is safe enough for a service like that? Let us know in the comments!

Source :

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Kevin Nether