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The holiday season is upon us and with it being the hot smartphone launch time of the year, many of us are looking to upgrade our phones. Carrier contracts are lengthy and cumbersome. What if you could upgrade your phone without any monthly payments at a price you can afford? Trademore makes that possible.


Trademore is a site specializing in offering a large variety of smartphones at many price points, and they will buy your old smartphones for cash too! Whether you prefer iOS or Android, Trademore offers it all.

On Trademore, you aren’t buying a typical used smartphone from a stranger that may have hidden issues and quirks. The Trademore team does a 30-point inspection for quality, functionality, reliability, and cosmetics. All phones are classified by condition, and you immediately know what to expect when ordering from Trademore.

The Buying Process

Trademore’s prices are competitive and offer great value for your money. Buying a phone on Trademore takes just a few clicks. Once you’ve browsed their expansive catalog and decided on a phone, simply pick the storage capacity, color, carrier, and condition, and you are ready to check out. All orders come with free two-day shipping and you will receive updates along the way of exactly where your new phone is. Trademore’s intuitive buying process takes the work out of finding a quality smartphone on a budget.


About That Old Phone..

Once you’ve secured your new phone, you are probably looking to get some money for your old phone. Trademore lets you sell it to them and give you an offer. The process is streamlined and will ensure you know exactly how much you will get paid for your phone.

The process is as follows:

  • Choose your device model, specifications, and condition using Trademore’s wizard
  • Receive an instant offer based on the information provided
  • Accept the offer, and Trademore will send you shipping supplies and a prepaid label
  • Send your phone to Trademore using the supplied materials and get paid

Trademore will do an inspection upon device delivery to make sure it is just as you’ve described, and they will pay you once the condition has been confirmed. In the event that Trademore finds it to be in a lower condition than you stated, you have the option of having it sent back since the estimate is lower than the original, or you can accept their lower estimate.

How Practical Is This?


Let’s walk through a scenario to get an idea at how practical Trademore is for upgrading your phone on a budget. Let’s say that you have an iPhone 6s in good condition and you are looking to upgrade to an iPhone 8 in excellent condition.

For the sake of our example, we are going to say you’ve got a 64GB iPhone 6s on Verizon. At the time of writing this article, Trademore is offering $108 for that device in good condition.

Now it’s time to upgrade your phone! You decide to buy a 256GB iPhone 8 in excellent condition, which Trademore is selling for $610.99 – you’ve spent only $502.99 to upgrade your phone!


You would have spent well over that amount upgrading through other methods, or you would be risking buying a lemon device that may have serious issues.

With Trademore the process is simple. There’s no waiting for a buyer, paying fees, or meeting a stranger face to face. You simply get cash for your old phone and upgrade to a sweet new model at an affordable price! Are you looking to upgrade your phone? Take a chance on Trademore and see what you can come up with. 

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