If you’re on Verizon and have a LG V10, you’re in for a special surprise. They released the much anticipated Android 6.0 Marshmallow update for the LG V10 as of today, March 24th.

android-6.0-marshmallow-2This update brings Google’s new features to the LG V10 that weren’t previously seen on Android Lollipop, namely “Doze Mode” for battery life optimization and added security settings for better privacy. The list of smaller changes is endless but there are a certain few changes that stood out to us the most, including “Google Now on Tap” which lets a user receive added information about what is displayed on screen by long holding the home button. You now also have the convenience of accessing the LG V10’s camera by double tapping the power button.

Most of the features introduced are from Google’s stock Android Marshmallow, leaving us wanting a bit more from LG themselves. Although, such incremental updates usually bring a lot of stability which we’re excited to get our hands on as soon as possible. If you happen to own the LG V10 from Verizon, now would be a good time to check for updates, and if you’ve updated the phone already, let us know what you think of it so far in the comment section below!