With all the music out there, Mixcder is a company who’s making some really affordable and quality earphones and headphones. It’s really difficult to find a pair that suits your needs, so we will be taking a look at the bluetooth options that they provide, the ZeroSport. I reached out to Mixcder as I wanted to check out some earphones that will not make your wallet empty! These earphones matched my description the best, so lets take a closer look at them.

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I was actually a bit incredulous about these earphones, as they only cost $29.99 (CAD). After I got the product, all my doubts were cleared. It came neatly packaged in a cardboard box with some accessories. The contents of the box include a Micro USB cable to charge the earphones, ear cushions/tips (3), a hard shell carrying case, and an instruction manual.

They also come with a 45 day money back guarantee and a 1 year warranty. Mixcder claims that they have great customer service and will replace your earphones if they encounter any problems.


Let me say this before I start talking about the design: they are not the best or the worst, but for $30 you should definitely consider checking them out if you’ve never owned wireless earphones before, want them for your workouts/morning runs, or just want to upgrade from the earphones that came with your phone. The earphones are built with firm, glossy and matte, plastic and they actually feel pretty premium for the price.

I was struck by their weight and just how light they were, and that’s how it should be because you don’t want to be that guy who is making their head workout instead of their body. These earphones are geared towards people who are active and are constantly in the gym, with their earphones coming out of their ear every now and then. They come with special hooks that will keep them in your ear even during the most vigorous workout sessions!

They are very portable and easy to carry as they come with a hard shell carrying case which is actually better than the case that comes with the Jaybird X2 (Jaybird X2 cost $180).

Audio Quality 

Now, I’m not reviewing these earphones because I’m getting payed or anything like that. The reason behind me reviewing these earphones is that they actually sound better than other earphones that cost the same. These earphones sound pretty good (at least to me), and I’m not an audiophile, so I’d say the audio quality was great for the price.

They got extremely loud and I never had to increase the volume more than halfway. I don’t want to get too technical with the highs and mids, as these are a pair of Bluetooth earphones that cost $30.

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The earphones feature Bluetooth 4.1 and they have a connectivity range up to 10 meters. I didn’t really go away from my phone to test that 10 meter range though, but I have to give it to Mixcder for the strong connection. The audio has never distorted and these earphones have never lost connection to my phone.


ZeroSport earphones will give you around 4 hours of music listening, before you have to plug them in. These earphones take around 1-2 hours to charge, which is pretty reasonable considering the usage time they provide. I would’ve liked if they charged a bit faster though. That’s the only con that I can think of after using them for about 4 months.


These earphones definitely satisfy my needs as they are portable, produce some great audio, feature a really good connectivity range and the call quality is pretty good with the built-in mic.

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Mixcder ZeroSport earphones are the ones to buy if you’re in the market looking for a pair of wireless earphones and don’t want to empty your wallet. Trust me, your wallet will thank you!

Kevin Nether