Just when things started to calm down in the mobile industry, new reports via iFeng of the famous ‘Budget Smartphone Maker’, OnePlus, have emerged highlighting the OnePlus 3, which should be released in late May. The reports have further gone to identify some of the key aspect specs the smartphone may pack and oh boy! If these reports are not taken with a grain of salt, things could be looking very promising for the future of OnePlus.

The leaked information highlights the pricing, release date, and variations of the device. The most interesting of them seems to be the amount of RAM that this phone will pack. In the Geekbench scores below, you can see the possible spec sheet of the OnePlus 3 which is codenamed “Rain Rain A3000”.

OnePlus 3

The device is shown to have a mega whooping 6GB of RAM (Take your time to digest this one) or 4GB RAM depending on the model of the OnePlus 3 that will be available. The device will be powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor, Adreno 530 GPU and storage of up to 128GB (And for the concerned, No, there is no 16GB model)  and will feature a 15 Megapixel Rear shooter together with a 7 Megapixel front facing camera.

The handset is supposedly running on a updated version of Android 6.0 Marshmallow-based Oxygen OS and features a fingerprint sensor, NFC, and a full-metal body closure. For the first time, we may see OnePlus debuting variants of its flagship with 5 inch, 5,2 inch and  5.5 inch options.

OnePlus 3 Spec Sheet

OnePlus 3 Spec Sheet

Together with that, the OnePlus 3 will be bundled in the following configurations: 3GB + 32GB Base model, 6GB + 64GB and a 4GB + 128GB top tier model. Yes, it’s not just you, the configurations do seem to be odd with the top tier phone only having 4GB of RAM, However, these are merely reports and are likely to be altered when we do see the debut of the OnePlus 3.

Pricing of the flagships will range at around $354 for the 32GB model and $384 for the 64GB model in the Chinese market. The unveiling of the OnePlus 3 is also rumoured to be set for either May 18th or the 28th of May. That being said, if these reports are to be believed and OnePlus does step up their game, this could mean trouble for the other budget smartphone makers.

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Kevin Nether