Every once and a while YouTube has a thing where they clean out inactive subscribers. Well, yesterday morning was one of those days, reported by numerous creators with millions of subscribers, they lost subscribers in the thousands. And from what I’ve heard, Pewdiepie lost the most totaling over 600,000 subscribers lost. Syndicate lost his 10,000,000 subscriber number putting him back below the diamond play button, and a bunch of other Youtubers lost large amounts of subscribers as well.

Some key lessons learned from these events are these. Try not do do too many giveaways with people who are larger than you by the thousands, as you will most likely gain a lot of subscribers there for the giveaway and then they will forget to unsubscribe when the giveaway is over therefore becoming an inactive subscriber. Some other ways to help gain subscriber activity are to have good eye catching thumbnails, and to encourage your viewers to like, comment, share and subscribe on your video/channel. Liking and commenting will show activity on the subscribers’ end.

Earlier this evening, 6/28 @TeamYouTube tweeted numerous tweets regarding the situation,


Apparently, this time it had nothing to do with inactive subscribers. It was a bug in YouTube’s algorithm, and the way they determine subscriber count.

This was quite an interesting event to take place and see happen, but for most of the creators who lost a lot of subscribers, they are large enough to gain them back within a week or so, so I don’t think they are to concerned, but they are more or less shocked to wake up to such madness. Hopefully YouTube straightened things out on their end so this won’t happen again. Although it was funny for these creators to lose a lot of subscribers, YouTube needs to make sure this doesn’t happen again as it will hurt the community and site. That being said, it is fixed now and hopefully it stays that way.

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Kevin Nether