The people of iFixit a reputable phone repair company, has now got their hands on the Samsung Galaxy S7. As with every new device, the team takes apart the gadgets so they can learn how to and how easy it is to fix them.

One of their main goals was to specifically take a look at the new heat pipe in the S7, the component that Samsung claims to be an “air conditioner” for your phone — basically meaning it is supposed to regulate your phone’s temperature. “This year Samsung pulled an Apple, claiming to invent the phone-based heat pipe,” iFixit said. “Not only are they not the first, but this heat pipe is minuscule—and not even in the neighborhood of the “liquid cooling” hype we’ve been hearing about.”

iFixit dove deeper into the S7 and took the device apart in their labs piece-by-piece in order for them to have a good understanding on how to repair the S7. Since Samsung waterproofed their new flagship, the display was glued into the “midframe”, which was moved further into the phone and makes the screen more work to replace.

In the end, the S7 received a 3 out of 10 iFixit score. This is because you are not able to repair the screen or USB port without ruining other parts of the S7. Go check out iFixit for their full report and more details on their testing.


Source: iFixit

Kevin Nether