Lately we have heard rumors of Apple Music getting a reboot during the WWDC this summer (read more).   Along with these rumors, last Friday, Apple decided to launch something to grow their subscriptions even more to compete with Spotify, Soundcloud, Pandora, etc.  That something is a student discount program.  The program works for any student enrolled in a eligible university or college, and through this discount, students get 50% off the original subscription price.

So instead of U.S. students having to pay $9.99/month, the price drops to only $4.99/month, which makes Apple music way more affordable to college students.

This new student discount won’t just be available in the U.S. – students from the U.K., Germany, Denmark, New Zealand, Ireland and Australia can all take part and sign up for the 50% discount.

Apple is also working with the student verification provider, UNiDAYS which will help verify students and make certain that the applicant attends one of the eligible schools.  Students are able to apply for up to 4 years of a discount, no matter what the degree.  Apple desires any student attending a college or university to be able to receive this discount.

Obviously the motivation behind this program is to acquire student subscribers that cannot pay the full $10/month and are using other music services because of their student discounts.

Apple Music Student Discount

Signing up is very simple and if you’re interested in applying, you can click here to learn how!  If you’re a student who has already subscribed to a plan, do not worry.  You can still switch your subscription from a normal “Individual” plan to the “Student” plan.

With the combination of this new discount and the rumored refresh coming this Summer, will Apple see a boost of subscriptions to their music service?

Are you motivated to sign up now because of this new discount? Let us know in the comments!

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Kevin Nether