I use an Android phone as my main phone, and while I love Android, there are some major problems with my experience. From an unacceptably laggy keyboard, to slim options for 3rd party accessories, it can be challenging to justify an Android phone over an iPhone. Here’s why the Google Pixel changes that!

Stock Androidpixel

This first point is a given, but with stock Android, there will be no bloatware to slow down your phone, so basic tasks such as web browsing and typing should be a breeze. This reason alone is a huge reason to seriously consider the Pixel. My biggest annoyance with my Samsung phone is the keyboard lag, despite the beefy 8 core processor and 3GB of RAM.

Carriers are Selling It

To satisfy the previous point, there has always been the Google Nexus lineup. The Nexus 6P was a solid phone, but with carriers not offering it in stores, and with no financing options, it wasn’t easily accessible. With the Pixel, it is easy to get the phone on a payment plan. You can walk in to any Verizon store, get a Pixel, and walk out.

Accessory Companies are Taking It Seriously

While there won’t be quite as many accessories as are available with the iPhone, accessory companies are taking it seriously. OtterBox is already producing cases for the Pixel, which is awesome to see. I have no doubt that other manufacturers will soon jump on the train. With many case options readily available, you will have many protection solutions at your disposal.

High Quality Hardware Support

This is something you don’t normally think about when purchasing a phone, but it was something I had to go through. Will your manufacturer repair your screen if you shatter it? If not, are there authorized repair shops that will use OEM parts? After breaking the screen on my Galaxy S6, I called Samsung to ask if they would repair it. I was shocked when they said no, even when I acknowledged that I was willing to pay a premium for the repair. I was able to find one shop that was fourty minutes away that could order an OEM part. They did a good job, but even still, it wasn’t backed by Samsung, and it voided my warranty.

Google has an innovative solution for this: not only do they offer direct repairs through their 2 year accident protection plan, they’ve also teamed up with uBreakiFix to offer authorized, certified repairs with OEM parts. You can walk in to any uBreakiFix location in the country, and you’re getting a repair that’s backed by Google, using official Google parts. This is the next best thing to being able to walk into a Apple Store for a repair (as an iPhone user).


Google wants you to switch to the Pixel. They’re even including an adapter in the box to plug in your iPhone and transfer your data. Can the Google Pixel finally take on the iPhone? Drop a comment below!

Kevin Nether