Quite some time ago this year, we had received rumors that the next Nexus device could be made by HTC, who had made the Nexus 9, which had not been that popular. But after the release of the HTC 10, we had a feeling that the HTC-made Nexus could actually be quite good. We had rumors that the next generation of Nexus devices will be code named Marlin and Sailfish by Google. However, Android Police, seem to have what could be the specifications for Sailfish, the smaller device of both that could be released.

The reason for device code named Sailfish being the smaller out of the two devices is because it has a 5 inch, 1080p display, which may or may not be good depending on people’s liking, but there is a chance that this is the case because this is the budget Nexus device. The Quad Core, 2GHz 64-bit processor seems good enough to support what people do on a daily basis, but we have no clue as to which company this processor is from, and the model. There is 4GB of RAM, enough for the use for apps, and also the ordinary 32GB of storage. We expect to see 2770mAh, which may or may not be good, bit how good it is will have to be tested.

Unexpectedly, we see a 12MP rear facing camera, as we may have expected more megapixels, but megapixels do not matter. On the front, we see a 8MP camera, following the trend of many other Android phones. There is a USB-C port, which is nice to see as many phones are starting to use USB-C ports, just like the Nexus 6P and even the HTC 10. Just like with the current Nexus devices, there is a fingerprint scanner, and to follow, it is placed on the rear of the phone, which is great to see. A headphone jack on the top is also expected, unlike Apple planning to remove a headphone jack.

These specifications cannot be be confirmed as these are just rumors of what the specifications could be, which show that it could be a budget phone. Soon we will know if the devices, and until then, we will not know anything for sure and cannot confirm anything.