Just recently, Microsoft released the Surface Book, which was a laptop and tablet, and it was a great convertible with the customization of specifications of a laptop. It seems that we may be seeing an even better version of this laptop/tablet, Surface Book 2, later next month (June) which could boast even better specifications and even a new design. The new design would be a great choice for some people, especially since some people did not like the gap left in the laptop after closed.

One of the great features to expect from this laptop is a 4K screen, which is an increase from the 3000 x 2000 pixel display on the Surface Book, which led to a different aspect ratio issues. This aspect ratio was a slight problem, but let’s appreciate the fact that this display resolution is high. In order for the display to be high in resolution, the specifications have to be quite powerful. It does not need to, but to be supported well, better specifications are always better. There will probably be flexibility in the specifications though, just like with the current Surface Book.

Another great feature that could be featured on the laptop could be a USB-C port, just like with some other laptops and even Apple’s 12 inch Macbook. The USB-C port allows for better compatibility with many other accessories that support this port type and even to use one charger with multiple laptops. USB-C is also reversible so it does not matter which way you put it in 👀.

Something else that could change with the design is the gap in the original Surface Book that appears once the laptop is closed. This seemed to be a problem for some users for various reasons. One reason being that people did not the fact that there may be dust going through the laptop. Another could be because of it just made the design thicker at that end.

It could be possible that the Surface Book 2 will be released this June, but we cannot assure anything as of now. If they do release it, it would compete against the possible new Macbook Pros. Do you think it could be released and if it does would you buy it?