Hello everyone, this is my first blog post on thetech.ninja! So, I thought I’ll show you guys my top 5 favourite items that I own or have found for under $20.

Let me just say something before I start. I’m not sponsored/payed by any of these companies to say something good about them. All my opinions are completely unbiased. The list is IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER

So, let’s jump right in!

5. Google CardBoard

If you have never heard of VR (Virtual Reality) then you are really missing out on some awesome tech. There are many VR headsets out there, but, we will be taking a look at the ones that are under $20. They are called Google Cardboard or just Cardboard.
imageThe Cardboard is made by many different companies. This “VR into a cheaper package idea” was started by Google. So, if you have never experienced Virtual Reality then you can go ahead and buy Cardboard which pairs up with the Google Cardboard app on your phone and introduces you to the world of VR. It is actually pretty hard to explain what it feels like to use the Cardboard but the thing that makes this even more unique is that developers have developed apps for the Cardboard which offer many different experiences like Roller Coaster, Haunted House etc. Oh, and it’s also compatible with iPhones!imageThe VR is made up from Cardboard (duh) and is only for temporary use (mine is still holding strong though). So, if you are concerned about durability you can pay a bit more (around $90) and get the ones that are made from plastic. I will admit one thing, after sometime it does get boring and you will find it sitting somewhere. Now, I have fun when I show it to others, because they get SUPER excited and their reaction is just amazing. So just keep that in mind.imageThe one in the photo is the Knox VR One (they have released a newer version).

(The ones I have are from Unofficial Cardboard and Knox Labs)

Here are the links where you can purchase them from:



OR you can get a sweet deal on Amazon and get the ones with the headband, you just need to search a bit.

4. OMAKER 5-pack Micro USB cables

imageOnly for $12.99 on Amazon you can get a 5 pack of Micro USB cables  (many different lengths). Why do I need so many? You may ask. I’ll just tell you my story. When Omaker contacted me and told me they were expanding to Canada, I was super excited as they make extremely good things for a cheap price.image(There are only 4 in the picture as one is in my car.)

They said we would like you to check our our USB cable pack and our Powerful Car charger (more on that later). I was like yeah… ok… whatever. I asked myself “Why the heck do I need so many cables?” You need to trust me when I say this, it made my life so much easier. I could keep one in my car, office, room, washroom (don’t even ask) and still have a spare one. For $13 it’s an amazing deal if you have ripped yours, or just want to stock up on some cables!imageBuy them here.

3. OMAKER Car Charger

This is another product from OMAKER. I love them just because they make awesome products that are really affordable. So here is the Omaker Car Charger. It can simultaneously charge 3 tablets or smartphones at the appropriate speed because it is also equipped with IC technology.
imageOmaker also claims that this is the most powerful car charger ever!imageFor  $19, you can’t go wrong!imageBuy it here.

2. RavPower 3200 mAh Luster Series 

I often find my phone dead, if that is outside or at home. So, I use this portable charger quite a bit as it is crafted very nicely and is super portable! Pair this with those Omaker cables (because they have many different sizes) and you my friends have the best combo ever! It’s sleek and looks minimalistic.

It doesn’t offer you 15000 mAh or anything like the that but I rather carry something portable than a giant brick in my pocket. It also rocks RavPower’s famous iSmart technology, so, you can get nice fast charges depending on your phone ($17 on Amazon). It also comes in many different colours to complement and go with the iPhone ones!

Buy it here


1. TROND D4 USB 3.0 Hub (4-Port)

This is not your normal USB 3.0 Hub. It actually has individual switches which is pretty unique and I haven’t seen that anywhere else. It will give you SUPER fast data transfer! USB 3.0 is 10x faster than USB 2.0! This will take full advantage of that and give you fast data transfer speeds.

You can also buy this for USB 2.0 as it’s backwards compatible. The reason I like it is because I can’t add 4 more USB ports to my MacBook Pro!

Buy it here.

So that’s all guys, I hope you enjoyed reading as I will definitely bring more posts like this. Don’t forget to check out these awesome pieces of TechUnder 20!

Kevin Nether