With Tesla’s starting to gain customers especially with the new Model 3, Tesla will also have to treat its early customers. Tesla are a company that roll out updates often, and this update could be the biggest. With Tesla 8.0, there will be big changes to autopilot mode and much more.

According to Electrek, they say that Tesla will release an update that improves autopilot, and with the press of a button, it will be able to drive itself. It can drive on the highway and even exit with no problems. They must believe in the system, as autopilot is dangerous, which is why not many cars have it. With this update, the Traffic-Aware Cruise Control and Auto Steer will improve, to help autopilot. Both these features will improve your experience of driving automatically, with no steering or anything.

But with this update, the UI is also going to be updates, along with the new features. This will be the biggest and best change for the company with their UI. With Voice command, you will not have to hold the button to say a voice command. Not only that, but you will know what your Tesla thinks you are saying, as there will be a transcript. The map also looks better and more user-friendly than before, and the navigation will prevent road tolls.

With the UI, the media player could get an improvement too. It is said that there will be shortcuts for the TuneIn app, so that you can podcasts and music easier than before. This will only affect users using TuneIn, specifically in the US, as Spotify is only available in Europe. With the voice commands, it will also make it easier to find what you want. These are not the only new and updated features, and Electrek state that there is something for everyone with the new update, once it starts rolling out.

There is no clue about the release date of Tesla 8.0, and the new software is still being tested. However, we could assume that we could expect it soon, as previous updates prove to do so. It may come within a few weeks or months, but when it is, it will be big.

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