Hi, my name is Kevin Nether, and I was wrong about the LG V20.

I’m very outspoken when it comes to technology or anything I’m passionate about. I am not afraid to get out on the mountain tops and scream how I truly feel. With that comes jumping to conclusions, and being wrong about things. I’ll understand the risks, and I’ll fess up if I’m wrong. And I was wrong about the LG V20.

LG-V20-Unveiled-2The LG V20 looks fantastic. We already covered everything you need to know about the device here. It’s been a rough year for LG, losing over $170M in their mobile division. LG unleashed its best “try hard” method with the LG G5 which fell flat on its face with build quality issues and performance issues. LG is trying everything they can to right the ship, and this may be the best chance yet with the V20.


This phone is pretty, bold, and has some great specifications. Albeit, it’s wrapped in LG’s Android skin.  Regardless, I’m excited to go hands on with it eventually.

Will this be the phone we’ve been waiting for? Or is the looming Nexus line going to overshadow this device? Sounds off down below!

Kevin Nether