It’s that time of year – school is back in session. With teachers already administering tests and quizzes, studying is essential to earning a good grade. There are so many ways to study from index cards to having your friends quiz you. While those are all decent ways of studying, what if there were a better way?


Introducing Quizlet

The best solution to studying is Quizlet. After you create your free account on, you can begin creating “Study Sets.” As the name implies, Study Sets allow you to create a set of terms and definitions to study. While I find this most useful for studying vocabulary while learning a new language, I’ve used it for all sorts of things. Quizlet helped me succeed on my history final. I put in important events for the terms and explained the events in the definition. It also allows you to create classes where your other classmates can join and study your Study Sets. They can even contribute to the class by adding new Study Sets (if you allow it).


Studying with Quizlet

The study options with Quizlet are endless. On the web version, you can take advantage of flashcards, the “learn” feature, the “speller” feature, practice tests, and even some games. The iOS and Android apps are no slouch, offering many of the same features with some touch screen optimized games. Quizlet has found a way to make a fun high score game that helps you study. Yes, I said fun. When’s the last time studying was actually fun? The program will track your weak points by making a list of terms you often miss, and it will let you study your weak points so you can improve.


The Quizlet Community

The great thing about Quizlet is the community. You can always add your own Study Sets, but you may not need to. Study Sets can be searched, so you can see if another classmate from current or previous years has already created Study Sets for your class. It’s an extremely useful tool.

But Wait.. There’s More!

If you think you’ve heard it all, well.. you haven’t! Quizlet Plus offers even more features for only $19.99 per year (with group discounts available). Included with Quizlet Plus, you get access to the Long-Term Learning feature, which will remind you when you need to study your sets for remembering things long-term. This can be useful if you have a comprehensive final exam in your class. It also lets you add images and audio to your Study Sets and remove ads for distraction free studying.

Is Quizlet Practical?

All of this sounds amazing, but is Quizlet really practical? Yep. I’ve been using it for several years now, and it has helped me to succeed on many tests and quizzes. While it’s not perfect, it works for almost all of my studying needs. There are only a few exceptions where I’ve had to resort to the old index cards. I love using technology for as much of my life as possible, and the fact that I actually enjoy the high score games makes me want to study even more!

Kevin Nether