Amazon has been working hard to bring their products to your house in an effort to make it smarter. With the announcement of the Amazon Echo, Amazon was successful in connecting your home and making it easier to get the information you need. Up until now, Alexa has been something that you only saw on Amazon’s products (like the Echo and Tap). That all appears to be changing. A company named Invoxia is bringing Alexa to your home, and it’s the first company to make a third-party product that does so.

Invoxia is bringing the power of Alexa to your home in the form of a portable speaker. The name of this product is Triby, and it is a magnetic speaker that lets you talk to Alexa for information and assistance. Triby was thought up by three people who noticed that there was a lack of shared devices for the kitchen. With a visionary, acoustics guru and a designer, Invoxia set off to create something that might help you solve the trouble of communication in the kitchen.

Triby gets its speakers from its In Vivo Acoustic technology, so it should sound great in your home. You can carry it around with you or you can use the included magnet to stick it to your refrigerator. You can also draw and share pictures from your smartphone to your Triby. Your pictures can be viewed on the always on e-ink screen. So now, if you’re leaving the office, you can draw a fun picture that your family can view right on the refrigerator. The battery (which is rechargeable via Micro USB) will last you about two days. Triby requires a companion app that you can download on your phone (iOS or Android). You link it with your Amazon account, then personalize your Triby’s settings and you’re ready to go.

Triby comes in four colors: blue, green, red and cool grey. The list price shows $199, but it appears that you can get it for $169 and one day shipping if you have Amazon Prime. Triby currently has a four star rating on Amazon, which is pretty good. Be sure to check out the Amazon page for it here. You can learn more about the company that makes Triby, and watch the fun video about how it can help your household. Will you be grabbing a Triby for your household?

Kevin Nether