Summer vacations are over for most of us and school responsibilities are back. Thankfully, we live in an era where technology is part of our everyday lives, and what better way to integrate technology even more than with some apps that will enhance you experience at school. Organizing study time is essential, and many students do not know how to do it properly even when they have been in college for several months or years. Hopefully, some of these apps will help you organize better and take full advantage of your smartphone’s capabilities.


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The biggest problems when studying are distractions. Little things that serve as an excuse to divert your attention from your textbook and class notes. To study efficiently, you need to be disciplined and stay focused, and this requires attention to one thing. Most of the time, the internet is one of the worst enemies of the student, but with this Mac application you will be able to limit yourself. SelfControl blocks access to the websites you programmed for a specific amount of time, not allowing you to visit those websites that consume your studying time. Of course, whatever you do, if you have already determined the website you want to block for a period of time, you cannot use it for that time, even if you delete the app of restar your computer.


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This app is directed toward those more efficient at studying and who like taking notes. The app, which is exclusively made for the iPad, is designed to take all kinds of notes and organize them as you like. You can also make drawings and sketches, useful for those considering a career such as architecture or design. If you have an iPad Pro with an Apple Pencil then this will be a great match. Maybe you don’t draw or take notes, but the app is also useful for children and allows them to develop their creativity thanks to a very intuitive  interface and a wide variety of drawing tools.

Wolfram Alpha

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This app is one of the most versatile apps out there, although it is primarily designed as a search engine for complex questions, usually related to math or science, it also covers other areas. This is the perfect application for math students that will save much time in heavy and complex calculations. It allows questions sorted by categories, according to different areas of studies, which makes this app a very useful and intuitive product. You can use the service on the web or download the app for a few dollars on your iPhone or Android smartphone.


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Available on the App Store, Play Store, and Windows Store, this application has already become a popular companion for students who take a lot of handwritten notes and want to save them as digital files for better organization. With CamScan you can scan notes and save them in PDF or JPG format. You can also share files with others, making studying an easier task for everyone.

Let us know in the comments below if you have tried some of these apps or if you have any more recommendations for other school apps you think are worth checking out.

Kevin Nether