Looking for a Home Security System? Home8 has a great deal one one. And it’s one I personally use. This is the 2 camera system. Not just static cameras but the twist panoramic cameras that give you motion detection, two way audio communication, night vision, 360 degree panoramic view features. Comes with both cameras and hub.


What’s nice about Home8 is that it’s a video verified alarm. Meaning, you can see things as it happens, and contact the authorities. You can record the video, save clips, export, and share. Also, there is no monthly fee for a single user. It’s $110 off bringing the total to $159.99.  Just need to use my Coupon Code: 8DUTNBXK. This coupon code are for exclusively followers of The Tech Ninja

Get on this deal ASAP as it's only live until Thursday May 11th.


Get it from Amazon, and use the KTTN exclusive Coupon Code: 8DUTNBXK

Kevin Nether