Amazon about a year ago announced Amazon Dash Buttons. At first when they were announced – I scoffed at the idea on how we are becoming so lazy as a people. However, after looking into it deeper, It’s a genius idea for Amazon, and even for some people

Hear me out. 

Amazon Dash Buttons is a button you purchase from Amazon. You order one button per product. Amazon has dozens of items that are now buttons, so finding what you need should be easy.  You connect it to your Amazon account, and once you press the button it orders the item for you. Seems pretty simple huh?

Checks and balances 

If you have ordered an item and press the button again, it does not order the item again. It prevents accidental presses, and double orders. I purchased a few for my mom and I tied them to my Amazon account. I ordered some for her coffee, dish soap, and her favorite snacks. So when she needs it, she presses the button and it shows up two days later.

It makes things a lot easier for my mom so she does not need to make trips to the store, and makes it easier for me knowing that she is getting the things she needs right to her door. It’s something small, but simple enough that she can use it, and it makes me feel better knowing that she’s being taken care of.

Not bad.

Check out Amazon Dash buttons now, they’re running some slick deals for Mother’s Day.


Kevin Nether