Earlier this week, Apple had released many new products during their Spring event. One of the products that they had released is the iPad Pro in a smaller size — 9.7″. The iPad Pro (9.7″) fails in line with their Pro series that Apple claims to be the “ultimate replacement for PCs.”

With the new iPad Pro comes a few features that have just been added.  Starting off with the display, there is a 9.7″ screen with a resolution of 2048×1536 at 264 pixels per inch. This is a wide color, true tone display which is needed for color accuracy, it also allows for better use of design. There is a A9X processor with a M9 co-processor, which is good, as it allows for enough power for different apps, including multi-tasking — which is one of the aims with the iPad Pro.


The 9.7″ iPad Pro comes with a 12MP camera which is better than the camera from the iPad Pro 12.9″ that is of 8MP. The camera on the iPad Pro is the equivalent of that on the iPhone 6S, which also means that the camera is able to shoot 4K video… Yes on a table. The front facing has also improved as now it comes at 5MP. The iPad Pro (9.7″) comes with the same four speaker audio arrangement as its big broher, there is a speaker at each corner of the iPad. This allows for much better and louder audio especially as audio has been a problem for many Apple products. It seems that Apple has taken this into concern and is trying to remedy this failing point.

Something Apple has decided to do is introduce 256GB storage options for both iPad Pros. This allows for more storage space for games, movies, etc on the iPads — but with that comes no option for 64Gb. The 32GB iPad comes in at around $599 and increases as the storage space does. There are a few other accessories such as the Apple Pencil, Smart Case and much more. If you would like to know more, then visit the link that follows: http://www.apple.com/ipad-pro/