In the past, email clients were a popular practice. Probably the most known client of them all would be Microsoft’s Outlook. It was pushed by Microsoft for many years, and in fact, Microsoft is still pushing the program. Even I used a mail client, with Mailbird being my client of choice, but times are changing. I’ve decided to move on to a new solution.

Why You Should Use An Email Client

Here is the basic concept of an email client: you have several emails, and you want to check all of them in one place. Maybe you have a Gmail, a Yahoo email, and perhaps even some custom domain emails (such as [email protected]). It would be horrific to have to check all of them separately – an email client allows you to check them all in one place.

So Why Would You NOT Use An Email Client?

The answer is simple. Inbox by Google. Surprisingly, Inbox is not marketed too much by Google, and I don’t know why, since it’s awesome. It has so many innovative features, such as the ability to track a package without even opening the email. I won’t go in to the many amazing features it has, but I will tell you that it’s awesome, and you should definitely check it out.

But Inbox Isn’t Perfect

Like any seemingly amazing solution, Inbox isn’t perfect. For starters, it only supports Gmail. That being said, you can’t add emails such as Yahoo, Microsoft, or custom domain emails. That may be a deal breaker for some, but for me, I’ve found a solution that works perfectly.

Meet Me In The Middle

My solution, which may seem complicated at first, makes the most sense to me. I use Inbox and an email client“Wouldn’t that complicate things? Why wouldn’t you just use the email client for everything?” Here’s why: I use my personal email, which is my Gmail, for over 90% of my email needs. I rarely use my other emails, so I check them every few days by opening my email client. In this way, I get the cutting edge features of Inbox for over 90% of my email experience, while being able to occasionally pop open an email client for my business emails. It’s been the best solution for me. For Windows, I would recommend Mailbird for your email client. For mobile, check out CloudMagic for iOS and CloudMagic for Android.

Listen Up, Google

I can understand Google’s current approach with Inbox – staying exclusive to Gmail in order to tempt users to switch to Google’s own service. With that being said, it would be totally rad if Google would open Inbox to 3rd party emails, such as Yahoo, Microsoft, and even plain SMTP for custom domains. Google has this feature in it’s regular Gmail interface, so it’s likely that Google may soon bring it to Inbox.


While a plain email client may suit some people best, I would highly recommend using a combination of Inbox by Google, along side a quality email client.

Kevin Nether